The place to find out about the Hippy Motors Convoy & reserve your spot.

Hippy Motors is a small family business and we design & make car/van stickers and every year, since 2010, we have a small gathering of our customers and friends that we call 'The Convoy'. The convoy is not only our way of thanking customers for supporting us but also to meet you groovy people.  We love our customers and want to meet them and the convoy is our way of doing that.

The next convoy starts on Friday 1st June 2018 and is at Blackland Lakes campsite near Avebury Wiltshire. Places are limited to only 35 pitches so please be quick and book it by going through

So what is the convoy? You can meet in a few places around the UK and drive in convoy to the campsite. You'll find more details on other pages on this site. If you want you can start your own convoy from your home town to get to the campsite or join an existing one.  Saying that, you can just come on your own. Just contact us with your convoy details via email or our FACEBOOK page.

LATEST:- Every year we have booked a musician to play for us, this year we are trying something different, an OPEN MIC. Sing something, play something, recite something, lets see what we can do together.

Also we usually allow you to book Friday, Saturday or Sunday but this year you can only book either Friday and/or Saturday camping with us. You can stay longer (as many do) but you will need to book that directly with Blackland Lakes Campsite.